Eating is one of those things you hae no choice in, we have to eat as human being to survive, it’s really that simple. The issue arises when you eat for other reasons that are not lonked to survival or health but because you want to ‘feel better’ or you have ‘had a bad day’

There are many reasons people become emotional eaters and often it sits there building up without us even recognising that ir exists.

We have just had thanksgiving followed quickly by christmas and food is all around us, maybe you can connect with some of these

Did you have too much on your plate?
Swallow down your anger with food?
Frustrated at all the fatty options when you’re trying so hard?
Did you eat when bored, or on your own?
Felt out of control around food?
Eating in secret?
Bingeing and purging because you don’t like what you’ve eaten?
Feeling sad and eating to fill a void inside?
Rewarding yourself with food after a hard day?

It’s hard to deal with when you are in that zone of realising you are an emotional eater, where do you go for help? does dieting work for you? nobody really understands that there is more to it than just chomping on the next sausage roll.

That feeling, that habit that is formed, the relationship you have with food stops being one filled with joy or satisfaction but filed with negative thoughts, feelings of guilt and sadness then the cycle takes hold again and out comes the food.

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This is a genuine offer and one that doesn’t come around very often at all, in fact i think it’s the first time they have even offered this but were so intent on helping people they felt the start of the year could be the best time to help those that really do suffer yep i said it suffer with this type of issue.

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good luck