TreadLife Fitness Strider 1 Review

If you are looking for a low impact workout machine to use in your home gym, the TreadLife Fitness Strider 1 makes an interesting choice. This fitness machine combines the benefits of a standing elliptical trainer and recumbent bike. It is a recumbent elliptical cross trainer, designed to provide whole body workouts from a seated […]

10,000 Steps Weight Loss DVD Review

Walking is one of the easiest ways to start being physically active. If you walk on a regular basis and practice good nutrition, it is even possible to lose some weight. Whether you are into walking for weight loss or plan to make this activity your main fitness routine, it is important to make the […]

5 Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

Whether done professionally or for fitness purposes, running, like all forms of exercising, comes with the risk of injury. This risk becomes even greater if you have weak muscles, follow a poor training plan, overlook safety, or take on too much too fast. Knowing how to train right and the precaution measures to take is […]

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